Blog entries

July 17, 2022: im finally in my new apartment! the move was painful. it was hot, humid, and my body was wiped out. my legs are extremely sore, esp my calves. but i finally have my pc again. it feels weird being on my desktop after spending so long using a dinky laptop. im gonna have to get used to using it again. my next goal is to find a stable form of income, bc i really wanna be able to afford to live here.

June 28, 2022: i finally bought a microwave, so now i can reheat all the foood ive been cooking and storing in my fridge. also lastnight i finally made that tonkatsu! it was really delicious and turned out better than i expected. im gonna start buying the premade stuff from now on, unless i really want a big juicy piece of pork. only downside is i cant really figure out how to get my pork to be more tender. even when i do pulled pork and tenderize it, it still comes out pretty hard to pull apart. its not rock solid or anything, it just sucks to work with. maybe i need to bang it harder with the back of my knife when tenderizing XD. but yeah all in all ive been eating some really yummy stuff. im still in my temp apartment, and im about 2 weeks out from moving into my permanent apartment with my brother. i still need to find work, but im feeling really anxious about it. i really want to dedicate more time into my music, and start developing more skill that would allow me to play shows by myself. of course ill need a looper pedal first, but hopefully i can save up for that soon.

June 24, 2022: today i hung out with my friends from my hometown, billy and tori. they came to my city and we took pix at this park thats pretty close to the temp apartment im staying at. tori is a photographer, and has a really nice camera, so they turned out really well. most pics were of each other but i took some of them together (theyre engaged). after that we went to an asian market and i bought some tonkatsu and some octopus to try later. then we went to an ice cream shop and had some cones, they were really good. then we went to a karaoke place on the south side of town where they give you a booth and you can do karaoke there. all the buttons were in korean so it was kind of difficult to figure out but we got it eventually lol. we also got some alcoholic drinks which ended up being like 14 dollars a piece, way more expensive than we thought itd be. but we still had fun. now im just thinking about what i should make for dinner, maybe ill make that tonkatsu i bought. i need to get a microwave soon because i need to be able to heat up my leftovers.

June 22, 2022: finally starting my blog. i decided to start it because i took the code for a scroll box from user metalvalley and i put it on my homepage. so i just adjusted the code and got rid of the scroll function so i can use it on my blog page. anyways i am currently moved into my temporary apartment yesterday, where ill be staying for the next 20 or so days. just waiting to get approved for my new apt. i really hope i can find work or start making money from music soon. being broke sux. also doesn't help that i dont have like any of my furniture so it feels so barren in here, and im stuck to just using my laptop instead of my pc. anyways, i cant complain, ive got a roof over my head so i dont mind. oh also a couple days before my move i submitted my album cybermoon to cdbaby so its gonna be on spotify shortly.